Daily Archives: March 20, 2014

Take Pride in Your Ride

  The truck can’t take you down the road if it has to stay in the shop Keep a check on the fluid levels and tire pressure. Inspect your truck daily, and if something needs attention, notify the shop immediately. Your truck needs TLC also.  Treat it well, so it […]

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A Message from the Safety Director

  When you think of the ones you love, does Safety come to mind? I know you think of their safety, but do you think of YOUR Safety?  Each day, you make hundreds of decisions every hour.  Where will  I take my break, how far will I  swing out to […]

Old Man Winter is Being Mean This Year!

  Has this winter been tough or what?  It seems like there is snow and ice everywhere.  The temperatures have been brutally cold, and several people have battled the Flu.  Please remember during this time of year it is crucial that you have extra supplies in your truck.  Blankets, coats, […]

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