Our Leadership

Corporate Philosophy – “What is best for the Company?” We should ask ourselves this question before we make each decision. Sharp Transport must find ways to increase revenues and profit by providing our customers with the highest quality of Transportation services. Customers are the reason we exist; We must go above and beyond their expectations and be continually responsive to their changing needs. We are committed to our employees and see each one of them as an asset. Our employees make the critical difference in how well Sharp Transport performs and through their hard work and efforts, they separate Sharp Transport from our competitors. Lastly, we want to strive to be a positive influence in the communities where we live and work.

“Our mission is to keep costs as low as possible without ever sacrificing customer service,” says Sharp-Schwalb. “Our success depends on uptime and on being able to make on-time deliveries. We intend to succeed the old-fashioned way – with excellent customer service and quality equipment”.