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TDEC Announces Sustainable Transportation Award Winners

Sharp Transport, Inc. Green Fleet Sharp Transport, Inc. for-hire freight carrier has increased their overall trailer fleet efficiency by 11 percent over the last four years. Sharp has updated nearly 100 tractors with selective catalytic reduction technology engines; implemented low rolling resistance tires over the entire tractor fleet and over […]


Jarit Cornelius On Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards

For Nashville-based truckload carrier Sharp Transport, VMRS has provided the key to tremendous improvements in maintenance shop efficiency, reported Jarit Cornelius, the fleet’s director of maintenance. Cornelius noted a “never-ending list” of areas where time and money can be wasted, such as searching for parts and tools. A particular area […]

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Sharp Transport Delivers On Mission

Sharp Transport delivers on its mission of providing the highest quality transportation services daily because of its people and state-of-the-art technology. “If it wasn’t for the great team I have here, daily operations would be a lot harder,” President Allie Sharp-Schwalb says. In the late 1970s, Sharp-Schwalb’s father, John Sharp, […]

Autumn is Here

As weather and road conditions change with the season, following fall driving safety tips will help keep you safe as you enjoy the cool crisp air and the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves. First you have the dangers of leaves on the roads. * Slow down if you are […]



Time for School to Start

KEEP YOUR EYE OUT FOR CHLDREN It’s that time of year again. School is starting back, which means you will need to be extra alert.  With all the excitement of getting to see their friends again, and for the little ones, the excitement of getting to go to school, there […]

Your Health – Your Quality of Life

Sleep Deprivation For drivers, getting enough zzzzz’s is a challenge. Even if you have plenty of break time, it’s not like sleeping in your own bed. There are obvious hazards to not getting enough sleep, such as increasing your risk of having an accident behind the wheel, but there are […]



S.O.S – Seeing , Obeying, Spacing

Let’s Talk About Spacing When you are in heavy traffic, I know it can be hard to keep a good following distance. As soon as you have it right, a car will cut over into your space. Always remember it is your responsibility to maintain control of your vehicle at […]

Take Pride in Your Ride

  The truck can’t take you down the road if it has to stay in the shop Keep a check on the fluid levels and tire pressure. Inspect your truck daily, and if something needs attention, notify the shop immediately. Your truck needs TLC also.  Treat it well, so it […]

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A Message from the Safety Director

  When you think of the ones you love, does Safety come to mind? I know you think of their safety, but do you think of YOUR Safety?  Each day, you make hundreds of decisions every hour.  Where will  I take my break, how far will I  swing out to […]