Dedicated Solutions


Sharp Dedicated Solutions does more than handle the tough transportation functions for you. We’ll help you tune up your entire distribution network so that it runs smoother and performs better. A Sharp Solutions fleet can give you the best of both worlds… the benefit of fleet ownership without the drawbacks. And as your business needs change, we’ll give you unlimited flexibility to adjust your Sharp package of services so that it always adds maximum value to your business.



What makes Sharp Dedicated Solutions Better?

  • Customer Control – You can retain as much control as you want, or hand it off to our management team.
  • The Right Equipment – We provide the best professional equipment solution for your distribution network… We believe that image is
  • Customized Solutions – We study and design specific solutions to fit your transportation needs.
  • Dedicated Services – Our Services will be solely dedicated to fulfilling your commitments to your customers.
  • Experienced Administration – Our management team has proven success in such industries as food & beverage, retail, paper, plastics and appliances.
  • Specialized Technology – We offer specialized visibility, scheduling and tracking, to meet not only your needs, but also the needs of your customers.
  • Conversion Flexibility – Choose to outsource your entire fleet, convert one segment to dedicated service, or augment your private fleet with additional dedicated capacity.
  • Guaranteed Capacity – In a world full of regulatory uncertainty, Solutions can guarantee you’ll always have a truck to move your product.

Explore Sharp Dedicated Solutions today, and find out what really makes us better!