Jarit Cornelius On Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards

TMC Cornelius

For Nashville-based truckload carrier Sharp Transport, VMRS has provided the key to tremendous improvements in maintenance shop efficiency, reported Jarit Cornelius, the fleet’s director of maintenance.

Cornelius noted a “never-ending list” of areas where time and money can be wasted, such as searching for parts and tools. A particular area of concern for Sharp was in-house labor costs, and Cornelius explained that many fleets do not accurately account for “indirect costs,” or the time shop technicians and managers spend on tasks that are not directly tied to a repair order: sweeping the floor, doing paperwork, putting tools away, running across town for a part.

All of this can be tracked through VMRS codes, he emphasized. Virtually every aspect of a fleet’s performance is hurt by downtime, and while the shop doesn’t generate revenue, it can certainly save it.
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