TDEC Announces Sustainable Transportation Award Winners


Sharp Transport, Inc.
Green Fleet
Sharp Transport, Inc. for-hire freight carrier has increased their overall trailer fleet efficiency by 11 percent over the last four years. Sharp has updated nearly 100 tractors with selective catalytic reduction technology engines; implemented low rolling resistance tires over the entire tractor fleet and over 300 trailers; purchased new, lighter weight trailers equipped with side skirt aerodynamic devices to reduce wind drag; and installed automatic tire inflation devices on all trailers. In April 2013, Sharp implemented onboard recording systems that monitor every aspect of fuel economy and calculate idle time, use of cruise control, RPM management, and speed control. These data are used to provide financial incentives to drivers for achieving fuel economy milestones. Sharp also equipped a number of trailers with trailer tail aerodynamic devices, resulting in an improvement of average efficiency by three to five percent. Recently, Sharp Transport, Inc. became the first carrier in the United States to be awarded the EPA’s Smartway Elite certification, recognizing their overall trailer fleet efficiency. Read More >>