Time for School to Start



It’s that time of year again. School is starting back, which means you will need to be extra alert.  With all the excitement of getting to see their friends again, and for the little ones, the excitement of getting to go to school, there is always a chance a child will run out into the street.  UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW THE FLASHING LIGHT SYSTEM. When the yellow flashing lights are on, that means the bus is getting ready to stop, so you should be slowing down and preparing to stop.  Red flashing lights and the extended stop sign arm means the bus has stopped and children are either getting on the bus or getting off the bus. You must stay completely stopped until the stop arm  is withdrawn and the red lights are no longer flashing.  DRIVE DEFENSIVELY.  Continually scan the road. Watch for children gathering near bus stops or walking in the road. Pay extra attention to the speed in school zones.  The life of a child is by far the most important reason for slowing down and paying attention.