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Sleep Deprivation

For drivers, getting enough zzzzz’s is a challenge. Even if you have plenty of break time, it’s not like sleeping in your own bed. There are obvious hazards to not getting enough sleep, such as increasing your risk of having an accident behind the wheel, but there are many hidden risks as well. Did you know getting too little sleep can increase your risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke? Just losing 1 hour of sleep per night is the equivalent of losing an entire night’s sleep after 7 nights. Sleep deprivation can affect your moral judgment by impairing your ability to integrate emotions and thought in guiding you to do the right thing. Sleep deprivation can also cause you to lose interest in intimate relations. That got your attention didn’t it? Losing sleep can trigger headaches, depression, anxiety, or irritability. So when someone tells you to “ Sleep it Off”, it may mean you have become a “Grouchy Gus, or Gertrude”.